Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Thousand Heads Project. 235 - 240.

...the past few heads have been sucking partly due to the fact that I've been drawing in bed these past few days - mainly because I sprained my ankle in the wake of an awesome birthday celebration (thanks guys!!). Gotta keep the ankle lifted above the heart to reduce swelling blah blah... Drawing on your bed, as opposed to a proper table, just makes me lazy, and so the past few heads have been quite shoddy.

However, after stumbling upon the site for Mistwalker's (ex-Square Enix mogul Hironobu Sakaguchi's splinter company) new upcoming RPG for the Wii, The Last Story, and looking at the concept pencil illustrations, something inside me kicked, and I did the next page somewhat inspired.

Is this a breakthrough? Perhaps. The next 5 or so pages will tell. But maybe I'm on to something here.

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