Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Thousand Heads Project. 198 - 207.

Only did 10 today considering the time it took me to set up the blog. I have to ice my hand now lest I suffer fatigue-induced injuries. I'm spending too long on these heads, more than 15 (less than 20) on average.

Just two of my buddies - my very good friend Verawat who helped me a lot this term, particularly with perspective class. Check out his badass stuff at now.

Second one is photos from Edwin (high school), who recently got engaged. Grats man. Somehow I stumbled upon a photo from Carl (IS THAT CARL!?) on his friends list, damn when did he get a mohawk?! On a side note it was fun to draw, gotta try to avoid hatching stuff like that for hair, be more confident in each line I place.

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