Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Thousand Heads Project. 1-65.

I've been attending Michael Buffington's Summer Workshop, and more than the figurative lessons, the workshop has been pushing me to make drawing a bigger part of my daily routine. Since I blow at drawing heads (among other things, but this is basically where I'm weakest in terms of figure thus far) I've taken the challenge to draw 1000 heads. At least 100 a week.

A lot of them suck thus far, well, that's the point really - to get those bad drawings out of my system. I do feel that I'm still struggling with proper alignment with the center line and eye alignment. Many bad habits to break.

Many of these, well, most, are from Facebook friend profile pictures - I love drawing friends but something tells me I need to draw from better references. I don't know enough of the anatomy to make it look right when guessing. Maybe the next 500 heads will fix that.

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