Monday, June 14, 2010

The Thousand Heads Project. 253 - 258.

Wow apparently I still had some in me. These are of Dres from Black Sheep, inspired by watching the new Kia Soul 2010 ad featuring the ... Kia Hamsters singing The Choice is Yours, yes. Look it up on Youtube already xD

I feel that simply by consciously drawing with my arm instead of my wrist, the quality of my drawings improve dramatically and my wrist hurts less, allowing me to draw more.

The Thousand Heads Project. 241 - 252.

Still drawing from an awkward position on my bed. Minor successes in the first page, but after that it was all putty. I think that's my mental limit for today.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Thousand Heads Project. 235 - 240.

...the past few heads have been sucking partly due to the fact that I've been drawing in bed these past few days - mainly because I sprained my ankle in the wake of an awesome birthday celebration (thanks guys!!). Gotta keep the ankle lifted above the heart to reduce swelling blah blah... Drawing on your bed, as opposed to a proper table, just makes me lazy, and so the past few heads have been quite shoddy.

However, after stumbling upon the site for Mistwalker's (ex-Square Enix mogul Hironobu Sakaguchi's splinter company) new upcoming RPG for the Wii, The Last Story, and looking at the concept pencil illustrations, something inside me kicked, and I did the next page somewhat inspired.

Is this a breakthrough? Perhaps. The next 5 or so pages will tell. But maybe I'm on to something here.

The Thousand Heads Project. 208 - 234.

These took the usual extended time (15mins+ each) but for the most part stank, did these over the past few days. More on that later. In order: Vogue June 2010 (lost interest), my good friend Ignacio from Argentina whom I just happen to reward with bad drawings, head shots from The Bloodhound Gang's Bad Touch video, and my sister and her fiance from back home (2 pages)...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Thousand Heads Project. 198 - 207.

Only did 10 today considering the time it took me to set up the blog. I have to ice my hand now lest I suffer fatigue-induced injuries. I'm spending too long on these heads, more than 15 (less than 20) on average.

Just two of my buddies - my very good friend Verawat who helped me a lot this term, particularly with perspective class. Check out his badass stuff at now.

Second one is photos from Edwin (high school), who recently got engaged. Grats man. Somehow I stumbled upon a photo from Carl (IS THAT CARL!?) on his friends list, damn when did he get a mohawk?! On a side note it was fun to draw, gotta try to avoid hatching stuff like that for hair, be more confident in each line I place.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Thousand Heads Project. 170-197.

I've been taking longer on these heads. Starting to shape up better, but 15 minute head drawings seem far more draining, for now. My goal is to get even better while shortening the time to 10 minutes max.

Fourth page from memory. First page, I was getting so tense because the page was so clean and neat so I decided to sabotage it a little so I wouldn't feel so pressured about making them perfect.
In the Yonzon sketchbook method.

Dave Grohl.

Eye alignment... still have to be more conscious about it. As well as the center line. I don't know why I struggle so much with those, even with figure drawing. I guess my internal sense of balance is just way off. Gotta kill this bad habit with fire.

The Thousand Heads Project. 138-169.

I hit a rut with these... again, apologies to the faces of the people I've mangled. Well, only the second page, really. The first page is a bunch of Victorian photographs, and the last two are from memory. Apparently my memory looks like drunken crap!! Awesome.

The Thousand Heads Project. 111-137.

Progressing, well, not this phase, many terrible drawings (sorry Lucas, hahaha!) Wish I could visit my friend Ecko in Vancouver. The colored pencil sketch is dedicated to you and your son. Good times back home, man.

Was listening to Queen so the Freddie heads came about. Sort of.

The Thousand Heads Project. 66-110.

66-110. And I just realized I had forgotten to label one of the pages -after scanning everything - so just spent the past 30minutes renumbering everything. Bleah. Better re-organize my layout, getting too messy.

The Thousand Heads Project. 1-65.

I've been attending Michael Buffington's Summer Workshop, and more than the figurative lessons, the workshop has been pushing me to make drawing a bigger part of my daily routine. Since I blow at drawing heads (among other things, but this is basically where I'm weakest in terms of figure thus far) I've taken the challenge to draw 1000 heads. At least 100 a week.

A lot of them suck thus far, well, that's the point really - to get those bad drawings out of my system. I do feel that I'm still struggling with proper alignment with the center line and eye alignment. Many bad habits to break.

Many of these, well, most, are from Facebook friend profile pictures - I love drawing friends but something tells me I need to draw from better references. I don't know enough of the anatomy to make it look right when guessing. Maybe the next 500 heads will fix that.